Incident Response Readiness & Strategy


The worst time to test your incident response plan? When you need it most. Instead, you need to know you'll be ready for a worst-case scenario, be it a data breach, a ransomware attack, a data center outage, or whatever other form it may take. 

Plans that exist only on the page are prone to falling short of expected results when called upon. It is only by putting them into practice and stress testing them in a safe environment that critical gaps and shortfalls can be revealed and, ultimately, addressed. Doing so ensures a plan is fully ready and optimized for real world threats. 

Get started today by scheduling a free Incident Response Readiness Discovery Session. During this 1-2 hour engagement, Arraya's team will work with yours to define customized use cases, determine threats, establish internal controls, and evaluate your environment to set you up for success.  

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Prepare for Your Company's Worst Day

Assess your team's ability to detect, respond to, and contain advanced cyber attacks

The Arraya Cyber Team's Incident Response Tabletop Workshops simulate the kind of scenarios that keep security professionals up at night. They allow participants to choose a disaster and then spend a day working through their response to it in order to determine a true level of preparedness. Workshops are designed and intended to involve stakeholders from across the org chart, reinforcing the notion that cyber security is everyone's responsibility.

Workshops begin with a fictional incident and follow every step of the subsequent response process through remediation. The exercise will allow attendees to:

Incident Response Readiness
  • discover if their policy adapts to dynamic threats
  • ensure stakeholders are knowledgeable of their roles and responsibilities as they pertain to incident response
  • uncover possible gaps in policy that only surface when tested
  • gain clear, tangible remediation guidance through after action reports
  • assess the capabilities of existing resources and identify resource gaps


Not ready to commit to the full workshop? Take the first step by scheduling a preliminary IR Readiness Discovery Session. This free session will get your team started on the path to preparedness and only takes 1-2 hours. 

What Sets Us Apart

When you partner with Arraya, you get much more than industry-leading IT solutions and services. You get a team of individuals who are as committed to your business as you are. Our employees have the technical skills and experience necessary to resolve any issues you may have, but it’s our people skills and attention to the customer experience that set us apart. We focus on building strong relationships with our customers that instill comfort, trust and peace of mind.


The Arraya Cyber Team (ACT) can help customers througout their individual security journeys. We do this by addressing the three pillars of cyber security success - people, process, and technology. Organizations who work with us gain access to our collection of diverse security skill sets, spanning the tactical and strategic spectrums. They also can count on Arraya to provide the right hardware and software for their unique needs, backed by field-tested processes refined over the course of countless engagements.


We offer the expertise of a large company, but with personal attention and unmatched agility.

Our solutions are always forward-thinking and tailored to address your specific needs and challenges. 

We offer fully-managed support to ensure success and that long-term ROI goals are met.

Arraya was willing to jump in and do whatever it took to make sure we were satisfied.

- Lisa Nichols, IT Project Manager
Aqua America