Virtual Series:

Application Modernization

While the journey to the cloud is a crucial step is a business's digital transformation, the true benefits lie in making the most of your applications. Application modernization takes your existing applications and programs them to align with your company's current and changing business needs. This practice extends the lifetime of your software investments, while allowing you to take advantage of the latest technical innovations.

The benefits of app modernization are clear and plentiful: increased scalability, more robust security, improved efficiencies, enhanced compatibility, competitive edge, and more. But how to get started, and which approach to take can prove to be a real challenge for organizations.  

This 5-part webinar series outlines the steps and strategy for a successful app modernization journey - one that will allow your organization to truly realize the benefits of digital transformation: 

  • Understanding Application Modernization 
  • Taking Advantage of DevOps Automation
  • Planning Your Data Migration Path
  • Addressing Security and Compliance
  • Managing, Monitoring, and Maintaining Apps 
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