Webinar Series:

Building and Maintaining an Effective Cyber Security Program

When a security breach makes the news, you probably wonder what it takes to keep your organization from being next. You can no longer rely on perimeter only defenses given today's threat landscape. Arraya Solutions and IBM Security are here to help you adopt a more modern approach to network security, one based on analytics and insights, so you can quickly identify, scope and respond to incidents in a timely manner. 

This 3-part webinar series will illustrate how to build and maintain an effective cyber security program - one that helps you target suspected incidents with efficiency, based on clear, actionable information. 

Participants will be guided through a series of use cases showing how they can accomplish the following: 

  • Identify risk and threats to your data within your organization
  • Investigate potential security breach cases based on identified threat vectors
  • Automate your response to security incidents



Webinar Sponsor:

IBM Security